North Thailand Traveling Tips

Lots of people ask me the length of time they require in the North – my answer would certainly be ‘it could never be long enough!’ My initial check out to Thailand 4 years back was to the North, and also I have been living below for the past 2 years. For those limited to a traveling timetable though, at least 2 days is required to cover the standard taking in the sights of Chiang Mai (the capital of the North) although you could spend a week and also not have covered all that the city and its borders need to offer. If you intend to explore the countryside past Chiang Mai an advised 3 days is required to value Chiang Rai district, and also a more 5 days for Mae Hong Boy.

What is the very best season to go?

Winter months in Thailand are from November – February, which is also the tourism high season right here. Tourists favor coming throughout these months as the temperature is somewhat cooler, it is additionally the best weather condition for traveling. Whilst lots of people stay clear of the stormy periods (May-Sep), there are benefits -this is when the fields, as well as nature, go to their most lavish green.

Most of the moment the rain will be available in brief spurts, it does not rainfall greatly all day. Summertime time (March-April) is the most awful time to find when temperature levels rise to the mid-late ’30s. This is also when farmers shed the areas, so air quality is very bad as well as exposure to the mountain sights covered up by smoke. Keep in mind that rates for lots of things such as scenic tours, accommodation, and trips are much greater during the high period, so it can be more affordable to travel in the low season.

Is it advised for kids?

Northern Thailand is a superb location for children it provides something for every age. Soft experience and outdoor tasks, nature, and animals are sure to keep the children amused whilst possibilities for social exploration with each other as family members can an improving experience for all.


Most significant mid-dimension communities in the North are well connected by regional bus courses, so it’s feasible to navigate by bus, however, to check out outlying areas as well as little villages then you will certainly require your very own transportation. In several of the extra-established and tourist towns there will be motorcycles for hire, if you wish to hire a car it is best to do so from Chiang Mai.

Locations in mountainous or farther locations, will not have any kind of type of transportation so it’s a good idea to have your very own transport right here also. Local buses come in 2 classes – air-conditioned or follower. Air con buses are slightly extra pricey however worth paying the extra baht for as they have extra legroom and also seating is more sizable. Overnight buses in Thailand are extremely comfortable, seats recline to regarding 150 levels with enough leg area for the typical height individual. The only points to keep an eye out for are the air-conditioning which they tend to place on high and also karaoke songs which they like to maintain you delighted with at high volume.

Traveling Style

There are numerous means you can travel around Northern Thailand – independent traveling, group package trips, or something in between such as a private scenic tour. Which one you choose will certainly depend upon exactly how you like to take a trip as well as your budget. Independent travel (the most affordable kind) is clearly for those who do not such as to be limited and prefer to check out on their own, frequently done by backpackers on a reduced budget. The failures can be that whilst you might cover several areas with an open schedule, your travel experience will certainly be totally observatory, you won’t know about the significance and also culture behind areas without the expertise of a neighborhood guide.

Plan trips are for those who feel much less comfy discovering a position on their very own and also like to have every little thing pre-planned, the disadvantage is that every element (resorts, transportation, itinerary) is dealt with consisting of the amount of time you can spend at a sight, bad for those that do not such as to be hurried. A personal scenic tour incorporates the best of both independent and also bundle travel in that you can tailor the itinerary to what you wish to see and do, without the restrictions of a repaired routine, generally you are the boss.

Your trip to Northern Thailand can combine a mix of styles, for instance for vacationer locations such as Chiang Mai city which are simple to navigate by with public transport where a lot of the destinations have explanations in English after that an overview, as well as personal transportation, is not needed. For taking in the sights in afar Chiang Mai (journey tasks, national parks, waterfalls, and also holy places) you might wish to take into consideration working with a taxi or track team for a day. Then for excursions to the countryside beyond Chiang Mai, which are not so easily done on public transport, you can work with an auto, driver, and also a guide for a tour.

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