How Far Is Sumida From Tokyo?

Sumida is a district in Tokyo and is the site of the Tokyo Skytree. The distance from Sumida to Tokyo station is about 2.5 kilometers. To get from Sumida to Tokyo you can take the JR Sobu line or the Toei Asakusa line. The trip takes about 10 minutes on either line.

What Is Sumida?

Tokyo’s Sumida Ward is located on the eastern side of the city and is home to many of Tokyo’s most famous landmarks. The ward covers an area of 8.66 square kilometers and has a population of just over 250,000 people. Sumida is best known for its riverside location and its many bridges, including the iconic Tokyo Skytree[1].

The ward takes its name from the Sumida River which flows through it and is one of the city’s major waterways. The river has been an important part of Tokyo’s life for centuries and was once used as a major transportation route for goods and people. These days, the river is mainly used for leisure activities such as boating and fishing, but it still plays an important role in the city’s water supply system.

History: How Sumida Became Part Of Tokyo

Tokyo’s Sumida Ward has a long and complex history. Though the ward today is a bustling center of Tokyo life, it was not always part of the city. In fact, Sumida didn’t become part of Tokyo until 1932.

Sumida has been inhabited for centuries and was originally its own independent city. It wasn’t until 1869 that Sumida became part of Tokyo Prefecture. Even then, it remained a relatively autonomous entity within the prefecture.

It wasn’t until 1932 that Sumida Ward was finally incorporated into the city of Tokyo. This came about as part of a larger merger between Tokyo and the surrounding prefectures. Since then, Sumida has been an integral part of Tokyo’s life.

Geography: Where Is Sumida Located?

Sumida is a ward located in Tokyo, Japan. The Sumida River runs through it and it also contains the Asakusa neighborhood. Sumida is bordered by Chuo and Taito. As of 2010, the ward has an estimated population of 255,161 and a density of 16,990 persons per km². The total area is 15.11 km².

Tokyo Skytree is located in Sumida and it is one of the tallest structures in the world at 634 meters. The Tokyo Skytree was completed in 2012 and has become a popular tourist destination. It features an observation deck, restaurants, and shops.

Transport: How To Get To Sumida From Tokyo?

The Sumida ward is located in the southern part of Tokyo and is easily accessible from the central city. There are a few different ways to get there, depending on your preferred mode of transportation.

By train, the easiest way to get to Sumida is by taking the JR Sobu Line from Tokyo Station. The ride takes about 20 minutes and costs 140 yen. You can also take the Toei Asakusa Line from Asakusabashi Station, which takes about 10 minutes longer but only costs 90 yen.

If you’re taking the bus, the Toei Bus Company operates several routes that go to Sumida. The fare varies depending on which route you take, but it typically costs between 200 and 250 yen. The ride takes about 30 minutes.

Attractions: What To See And Do In Sumida?

There is plenty to see and do in Sumida. For starters, the area is home to the Tokyo Skytree, which is the tallest tower in Japan. The views from the top are incredible, and there is also a great shopping mall attached to the tower. Other popular attractions in Sumida include the Edo-Tokyo Museum, Sensoji Temple, and the Tokyo Statue of Liberty.

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, Sumida also has a few quirky museums worth checking out. The Cup Noodle Museum tells the story of instant ramen, while the Joriku Okanoyama Museum showcases traditional Japanese papermaking techniques. There’s also an Amusement park dedicated to Pokemon!

No matter what kind of traveler you are, there’s sure to be something for you in Sumida.


If you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, Sumida is the perfect place to visit. Just a short train ride away, Sumida offers a more relaxed atmosphere with plenty of green space to enjoy. There are also several historical sites to explore, making it a great place to learn more about Japanese culture. Whether you’re looking to relax or explore, Sumida is definitely worth a visit.

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